Training: Overview

Citadel Advantage offers a wide & comprehensive range of professional courses and training for commercial and central banks in the areas of; Operational Risk Management (for Basel II and for back-office risk mitigation), Specific Operational Risk Management areas including Business Continuity Planning, Anti Money Laundering & Payment Systems, and Liquidity Management.

We also offer a range of Workshops and Introductory Lectures dealing with the main areas covered in our full courses. If you don't see the exact course below that your looking for, contact us. We may be able to build a course for your specific needs. Professional courses and training are available at a centralized venue, Regionally (currently in Southern Africa & Western Europe), or In-house on your premises.

Our courses, training material, and case studies are up-to-date and topical and reflect the real world. Our training is focused, practical and is aimed at enhancing the application of learned concepts by the participants in their working environment.

Our courses will allow you to interface directly with the practicalities of cutting edge risk management methodologies.

We provide a perfect balance between theory and real world application.

A unique program aimed at where the operational risk is most concentrated in the financial services industry – payment systems and back-office operations.

We use real-life case studies to illustrate the course material, so enhancing the learning process.

Training courses are offered as:

  • Public Courses: Citadel Advantage provides courses and lecturers to the key banking and risk training organizations around the world.
  • In-house Courses (at your location or offsite at a location of your choice): Citadel Advantage provides cost-effective in-house training programs that allow you to determine the, depth, attendee size, length and sequence of the training within the security of your own organization. If you have 5 or more people to train, our In-House training service will save you money. All Citadel Advantage courses can be run on your premises anywhere around the world.
  • Tailored Courses (to meet your organization's specific needs): Citadel Advantage also provides tailored training services to the banking and financial sector. We can tailor any course to your needs or develop a new course within a relatively short period of time as required.
  • CAPMen Program (the “Citadel Advantage Personal Mentoring” program): This service is designed to provide non-judgmental and professional support to those (Mentee) in senior management or aiming to reach senior management positions requiring an in-depth competency in the areas “Payments & Settlements” and “Operations Risk Management”. “CAPMen” Mentoring utilizes the full range of our experience and specialized professional courses to provide coaching, guidance and advice on a one-to-one basis, in your offices, helping you, the professional, set new goals, broaden your vision and build strategies. "CAPMen" mentoring also helps develop personal management skills such as creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and effective use of resources.